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A different kind of tech-u-bator

The Launch Factory is an early-stage incubator located in Cincinnati, Ohio with a vision to help build and grow sustainable web startups. The Factory provides capital, year-round mentoring, legal services, product development, and office space.

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Turning ideas into businesses

Everyone has ideas–millions of them. Some get them on their commute to work, others while listening to NPR, or even while lingering in the shower. The Launch Factory is looking for ideas that can turn into real businesses.

Whether your path is further seed or venture funding, or building a profitable lifestyle startup, our investors, partners, and mentors are committed to your success.

The Process

Get Invited

If you think your startup idea has legs, then what are you waiting for? Let's get it off the ground! We're looking for super early stage businesses with a good idea, coachable and talented founder, and a business model that make sense.

We will review all applications as they come in throughout the year, and will provide funding to the best ideas and teams on a first come, first serve basis. To submit your idea, apply here. Our investors and mentors will review your application as soon as possible.

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Research & Strategize

Our gut tells us this is a good idea with a killer business model, but before a dollar is spent on a single pixel or code, our mentors will research the industry you're serving, the competition, and other proxy businesses. We will then strategize the best MVP (minimal viability product) or v1.0 of your web or mobile application. You will be nested with the best professionals and experts in the Greater Cincinnati area to ensure our next step together is calculated and effective.

Fund it, Build it, Launch it!

Now that we have a plan, it's time to build whatever it is we've been talking about for a few weeks. It takes a little money (cha-ching). It also takes help from our partners (we found the good ones), advice from our mentors (aka-stellar chaps), and a lot of diligence from your startup team (that's you). While the designers and developers do what they do, others will be planning the go-to-market strategy, contacting potential customers, collecting beta users, and getting all the legal and financial ducks in a row.

Once your web or mobile application is ready, we'll throw a launch party. This will be an opportunity to showcase and pitch your new startup to beta users, friends and family, and potential investors. You will be coached by "pitch masters" in the venture community to help you get the most from this experience. Once it's launched, the work is not over, it has only begun!

Top Secret

Iterate & Grow Your Business

This is where the "rubber meets the road" and other corny statements cease to impress us. Launch Factory is here to see you succeed and that's going to take some time. If your business needs funding to scale quickly, then our team will work diligently to connect you with the venture community and local or state-wide incubators like the Brandery or 10x. If you are building a slow and steady lifestyle startup, then we'll immediately work on customer acquisition, marketing, and further product improvements. Either way, you get to keep your desk for at least 12 months–so you better work on your foosball game.

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